The Czech Ice Hockey Association (CIHA) is a civil society organization, a national governing body of ice hockey in the Czech Republic and one of the founding member associations of the International Ice Hockey Federation, founded in 1908.

The CIHA centrally organizes the following competitions: I. & II. liga (second and third highest senior leagues), U20 Extraliga and liga, U18 Extraliga and liga and the Women's League. Through its regional associations, The CIHA is also the organizer of the U16 Extraliga and liga and other senior, junior, midget and youth competitions. The CIHA sends the Czech national team (including junior, veterans', women's and sledge teams) for international games.

More information

The official website of Czech Ice Hockey Association with latest news is available at www.cslh.cz in Czech language only.


  • Offices:
    esk svaz lednho hokeje z.s.
    Czech Ice Hockey Association
    eskomoravsk 2420/15
    190 00 Prague 9
    Czech Republic
  • Telephone: +420 211 158 003
  • Fax: +420 233 336 096
  • E-mail: office@czehockey.cz

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